Farewell to Beggars Row and Celtic Horizon

Beste Folk liefhebbers

Misschien dat sommigen het van jullie al weten, Beggars Row en Celtic Horizon stoppen ermee na beide komende toers in ons land.
Er zijn verschillende redenen maar de belangrijkste reden is de gezondheid van Bob’s vrouw. Bob kan het zich niet meer veroorloven om lang van huis te zijn en zal zich alleen concentreren op Schotland, zowel solo als met Neil en dan wel onder de naam Celtic Horizon.
Het is natuurlijk jammer voor de vele fans die de beide groepen in de afgelopen jaren hebben leren waarderen. Ook voor ons is het jammer om afscheid te moeten nemen van deze “gekken “.


Van Bob Ferguson

To all our friends and fans of Celtic Horizon and Beggars Row. Sad it is that I have to announce to everyone that our November 2013 tour (CH) and 2014 European tour (BR) will also be our farewell tours. The main reasons for this are that I am unable to commit to being away from home for tours much longer due to my wife’s disabilities, I need to look after her. Also Neil has business commitments that have increased for him and making it almost impossible to pass up in favour of touring.

Neil and I will continue performances in Scotland with our various line ups. I will continue performing solo in Europe and UK as I can take my wife with me and also involve in a couple of projects with other bands, again when Helen can accompany me.
Ricky and Farquhar will continue with Shanakua and I hope you will all support them as you have done us over the last 15 years.
I wish we could all party together for many more years. You have all been fantastic to us and the close friendships with so many of you have been the best reward.

We plan to go out with the best party tour we have ever done in a long time. There could be a few stories out of this next tour worth talking about. Please spread the word to everyone as this is the last chance to see us perform in these two bands and I hope many of our old venues book us one last time to sing farewell!

We will introduce some new numbers and perform requests of our old numbers as much as possible.
I am sure I speak of behalf of all the guys in the band when I say a special thanks to all of you and we will probably be the first to wear wet eyes as the tour ends.

So any venues out there want to book us for the last ever tour in Europe-get in touch with our agents now. All our fans and friends please let the venue you normally see us perform in know it’s our last tour. Lets have a party to finish with.

Love to you all from Bob on behalf of all the band.